Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spade Racing Movie Previews: Moving into Spring

With a particularly rough winter likely to lead to a particularly damp spring, people everywhere are looking to spend a few hours at the local multiplex.  Here's a few movies coming out with a Nascar-theme.

300: Rise of an Empire:  The star of the Nationwide Series band together to beat back the "Double-Duty" drivers taking away their chances to win, like Joe Nemechek and Landon Cassill.

Need for Speed:  An elite group of racers join for--wait, no, this isn't about racing per se.  This is the Jeremy Mayfield biopic.

Bad Words:  Brian France wages a one man war against the phrase that saps him of his powers--"Things are staying the same".

Enemy:  Richard Petty tries to survive the onslaught by Danica Patrick's biggest fan-base--people who don't watch racing.

One Chance:  Can Kurt Busch go an entire season without pissing everybody off?  Considering that he showed up on Nascar RaceHub with a custom-embroidered sport coat, I'm going to say 'No'.

Noah:  A raucous comedy about how a mid-afternoon rainstorm ruined the plans of tens of thousands of race fans at Daytona--what a hoot!

Sabotage:  The Joe Gibbs Racing drivers star in this modern-take on the classic Beastie Boys video.  With Kyle Busch as Nathan Wind as Cochese.