Friday, February 21, 2014

Daytona "News" and Notes

--Finally--REAL RACING!!!
--Now that we're back to the normal racing schedule, I'm going back to MY normal schedule--a "News" and Notes article on Friday, a race recap about 30-45 minutes post-race, and some additional frivolity mid-week.
--While I personally don't have any issue with Austin Dillon driving the #3 car (most of my issues surround his choice of headwear), I think that his "war wagon" is the perfect example of "trying too hard".
--Terry Labonte has said that this will be his final Daytona 500, and that he expects to (actually) retire (seriously this time) after this season.  Well, at least he's going out on top.
--For better or worse, the Daytona 500 usually has the highest number of drivers who do not qualify for the race.  Amongst the big names going home are Michael McDowell and Joe Nemechek, as well as Tony Raines.  Wait, Tony isn't racing Cup, but its just force of habit to list him as DNQing.
--We also saw a rare "Withdrew" reason for missing the race, as the 77 car of Dave Blaney wrecked in practice and did not have a backup.  Silver lining: At least the engine won't have those extra 5 miles put on it.