Friday, January 24, 2014

Mid-January “News” and Notes

--There were rumbles about it for months—a great change coming to our sport.  People are angry, wondering WHY the people in charge seem addicted to such change.  Thousands have taken to internet message boards, Twitter, and call-in radio shows.  But in the end, there isn't much that us fans can do—Leavine Family Racing is changing its office furniture provider.

Just an average 3-hour day for Brian
--In a completely unrelated story, Brian France put his Newton's Cradle away for a day to (allegedly) come up with another new format for the Chase.  This system will feature more drivers, a greater emphasis placed on winning, and guarantee a two-or-four driver “winner take all” finale.  So yes, its basically the same damn thing they've tried to do twice before, just with more guys.

--Anybody else notice how much the “new Chase” resembles the WWF/E's “Deadly Games” tournament at Survivor Series?  And would that make David Ragan Duane Gill?

--BK Racing continues to have it THEIR way by signing a pair of rookies to pilot their cars in 2014: Alex Bowman and Ryan Truex Jr.  See what happens when you take too many fancy Dr. Pepper pens from the office supply closet?  David Reutimann, I'm looking in your direction...

--Penske Rac—er, I mean, TEAM PENSKE—has signed Alliance Truck Parts and Wurth to partner with Miller Liter on Brad Keselowski's #2 car next season.  Miller Lite—Pays Great, Less Races.

--From the “We all knew, but I guess they had to make it official” department: Justin Allgaier was named the full-time driver of the Brandt car for Phoenix Racing in 2014.  For those of you who don't know, Brandt is a producer of genetically engineered crops for farmers.  And so, our best chance for an “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” car is born!