Friday, January 31, 2014

Chasing Success

"Quit saying I look like Stilwell from 'A League of Their Own'!"

You know, a LOT of fans have been complaining lately about the changes Brian France has made to the Chase for the Cup.  But really--and I might take some flak for this--I think he's really moving in the right direction.  Honestly, I think that the new, expanded Chase will be a complete success.

…well, unless a driver wins Daytona, then goes into a massive slump, and still qualifies for the Chase.
...or a full field for an IndyCar race

…or there are team orders to take out one of the four drivers in the "winner take all" final race at Homestead.

…or a driver wins one race early, then just knocks off enough top-10s in the Chase to win the championship.

…or enough fans ignore the legitimacy of the Chase by simply considering the most-dominant driver for the entire season as the true champion.

…or the sport's impending relationship with NBC means that the Homestead championship race will have about a five-minute-long post-race so that they don't interrupt Sunday Night Football.

…or if missing the Chase becomes the new standard for firing a driver, leading to mass driver/team/sponsor changes, confusing fans further.

…or they fail to specify what the "special circumstances" are that would allow a driver who misses a race or two due to injury to qualify for the Chase.

…or the whole thing gets ignored by the mass-media, making about as much an impact as the FedEx Cup in golf.

Yep, its smooth-sailing ahead for the France family!