Friday, April 26, 2013

The Michael Waltrip Fan Cruise--It Exists

Yes, good old Mikey confirmed it on Trackside (after his insanely awkward comment about being divorced)--there is, in actually, an actual Michael Waltrip Fan Cruise.  The hair gelled hellion will hit the high seas later this year--but why the heck would anyone (well, besides Michael Waltrip) want to go?  Why, the fun activities, of course!  Just take a look…

--Punching Lake Speed:  A frame-by-frame analysis

--How to flip your car while intoxicated and NOT get arrested

--Guest lecture: Why I Hate Mark Martin, by Dr. Darrell Waltrip

--From Country Time to Spam, how to win funding from food-like manufacturers

--Get your picture taken with Clint Bowyer!!!('s cardboard cutout)

--Interactive slide-show of Martin Truex's favorite New Jersey Townships (Edison!  Penns Grove!  Ocean!)

--How Moses Parted the Red Sea, a first-person account by Mark Martin

--Limbo for tall, gangly middle-aged men

--Enhance Your Lisp for TV!