Monday, June 4, 2012

Kurt Busch's Excuse List

Kurt Busch is a tough guy.  Oh yeah, he's trained hard.  He even took a year of super-secret karate.  Kurt knows 32 ways to kill a man with a coffee mug.  But he can't beat the (crap) out of you because…

--He's on probation
--His "trick shoulder" is acting up
--His girlfriend's there
--He doesn't want to make you look bad
--His boss is, like, right over there
--He doesn't think "you're worth it"
--The last time he beat somebody up, he hurt him so bad that, well, he can't tell you the rest
--He doesn't want you to embarrass yourself
--Fighting is against his religion
--He'll wait till you least suspect it
--He knows you'll fight dirty
--He's a skinny little wuss who's all talk…wait, he didn't mean to say that