Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Opening a Sealed Box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards PACK 11

Recently I got a sealed box of 2019 Donruss Racing Cards—24 packs, 8 cards per pack.  Join me as I go through the entire case, pack-by-pack, to see what awaited me. (Click any picture to enlarge)

PACK 11 OF 24: Awesome Bill, a Way to Shill, and the Little Blue Pill

OVERVIEW: We split things almost down the middle here with five retired drivers and three relatively young racers.  Its only fitting that Danica and DW wind up in the same pack, isn’t it?

SPECIAL SPECIAL: Let’s take Mark martin’s OPTIC card to consider how good of a way these cards are to promote sponsors—even those no longer involved in the sport.  So this way kids everywhere will want to ask their parents what Viagra is.

IN FOCUS: John Hunter Nemechek’s back-of-the-card story shows that he was as interested in racing as a child as most kids are in trigonometry.

SPOTLIGHT: Here we see DW when he was actually someone who was respected—respected, I tells ya!—by race fans.  Selling your soul to Toyota and using more hair dye than 1980’s Bob Barker will change the public’s perception of you.

SCORE: 4 grandstands out of 10