Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Timmy Hill Displays Personalized “Magazine Cover” in Shop Office

On a recent tour of his home racing shop, cameras caught a framed copy of “Racing Edge Magazine” featuring Timmy Hill on the cover, listed as “Racing’s Next Big Thing!”, an apparent “spoof” magazine cover available at most drug store photo departments.
“Oh that?  It was a gift from a friend of mine”, said Hill when reached for comment.  “I think he said something about it being a ‘look into the future’, although he texted me that after I asked him, so I don’t know if he was being serious or not.”
The video package, put online to promote Hill to potential sponsors, also showed several other unique items of memorabilia.  This included a large trophy with an inscription reading “Most Improved at Gear Shifting Game, 2015”, believed to be won at a local firemen’s carnival.  Further inspection also revealed a plaque with a late model car etched into the metal plate below the word “WINNER”, but no event name, date, or personalization beyond Hill’s own autograph in metallic marker.
The “Racing Edge Magazine” cover lists such apparent stories as “10 Hottest Drivers On The Rise” and “Championship Secrets”, emblazoned below the image of Hill’s face.  No UPC code or mailing label is present, although the frame appeared to block out most of a website where such magazine covers can be ordered for the special person in your life.