Sunday, April 19, 2015

Things We Learned During The Red Flag

—Kyle Larson can cross his eyes.

—If you wreck your car, you can’t work on it during a rain delay—even if you have the anarchy “A” on your hood.

—Tony Stewart doesn’t want to talk this weekend—only yell at Cole Whitt.

—When you need to fill time, interview BK Racing and hope that JJ Yeley’s in a touchy-feely-mood.

—If the race restarts tonight, it’ll air on Fox Sports 1, infuriating MLS’s fan.

—If the race restarts tomorrow, it’ll air on your local Fox affiliate at 11amEST, thus making it so nobody can watch it.

—People STILL don’t get that you can’t run Nascar in rain tires.

—Apparently that taco thing was a big deal.

—Switching to IndyCar, it took about 10 seconds for Robin Miller to remind the world why people hate him.