Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Aric Almirola vs. Brian Scott: The Tale O' The Tape

Aric Almirola vs. Brian Scott: The Tale O' The Tape
After Sunday's wreck between Aric Almirola and Brian Scott, Aric had some choice words for his fellow racer:
And it wasn't even the first time--check this out from 2011 (WARNING: Contains Marty Reid):

With a potential inane rivalry brewing, I think its time to take a look at The Tale O' The Tape!

Aric Almirola: The Cuban Missile
Brian Scott: The Hot Potato

How He Got His Ride
Aric Almirola: Nascar's Drive for Diversity Program
Brian Scott: Won the Genetic Lottery

Notable Teammates
Aric Almirola: The finest driver to come out of Australia
Brian Scott: The finest driver to come out of Georgetown's basketball program

I REALLY hope he was issued a
"I Hunt White-Tails Year-Round"
foam ballcap.

Truck Series Wins
Aric Almirola: Two
Brian Scott: Two

Nationwide Series Wins
Aric Almirola: One, but it still haunts him to this DAY that he stepped out of that car because the DAMN SPONSOR was MORE INTERESTED in PR than watching someone FINALLY LIVE OUT HIS DREAM!
Brian Scott: Zero

Aric Almirola: Various pork products
Brian Scott: Someplace in Idaho (aka Wisconsin's Psycho Cousin)

Biggest Recent Success
Aric Almirola: Third place at Bristol
Brian Scott: Finally married his baby's mama

Most Annoying Part of Their Job
Aric Almirola: Having to talk to Kyle Petty on a regular basis
Brian Scott: Wearing Day-Glo Orange and STILL getting shot at

Man He Replaced
Aric Almirola: Reed Sorenson
Brian Scott: No one (…nobody ever REALLY replaces Timmy Hill)