Friday, June 21, 2013

Sonoma "News" and Notes: Special Ringer Edition

With Nascar hitting one of its two road course stops on the Sprint Cup circuit this week, a number of teams are employing a number of road course specialists.  While virtually none of these teams have much of a shot at winning, a little pit strategy, timely passes, and luck could have them fighting for a top-30 finish.  Here's quick rundown of this weekend's road course ringers.

Justin Marks--Tommy Baldwin Racing #7 (Sany):  Justin co-owns a karting facility in North Carolina with Michael McDowell, called "Two Guys Who Got Screwed When The Nascar Economy Collapsed".

Alex Kennedy--Humphrey-Smith Racing #19 (MediaMaster):  Hmm, that's odd…I had no idea that start and park teams controlled the media.

Boris Said's hair idol
Boris Said--FAS Lane Racing #32 (  When reached for comment, Boris replied, "BORIS MAD!  BORIS GET REVENGE ON BIFF!  BORIS HAVE LOW APR ON NEW BMW 3-SERIES!"

Ron Fellows--Circle Sport Racing #33 (Canadian Tire):  Though this team typically start and parks whenever a non-Dillon is in the drivers seat, Ron brings solid sponsorship to the team--so you KNOW they'll be on their Eh-Game.

Victor Gonzales Jr.--Tommy Baldwin Racing #36 (currently unsponsored):  Its good to know that Victor isn't self-conscious about running a stark-naked car on national TV.

Jacques Villeneuve--Phoenix Racing #51 (Tag Heuer Eyewear):  Well, if you're planning to shut down your race team, you might as well wreck all the remaining inventory first.

Paulie Harraka--BKM #52 (HASA Pool Products):  Lets see--born in Northern New Jersey, goes to Duke, vacations in Northern California?  Yep, sounds about right to me.

Tomy Drissi--NEMCO Motorsports #87 (Wolverine):  No word on if Tomy will be equipped with the "Instant Excitement--Just Add Oil" apparatus last used by the 87 car at Watkins Glen.