Spade Racing’s 2024 Season Previews: A School of Thought PART 4 TRUCKS

It’s a 4-part preview for the 2024 season as Nascar goes “back to school”.

1.) Cup Series Driver Preview: The 36 Types of Drivers

2.) Cup Series Team Rankings: Making the Grade

3.) Xfinity Series Team & Driver Preview: Breaking Down the Class

4.) Truck Series Team & Driver Preview: Jocks to Watch

All information is as accurate as possible at time of writing—drivers, sponsors, owners, and bad jokes subject to change.

Ah, high school sports.  Where some of us reach the heights of our athletic glory, some of us try to improve our popularity, some of us do it for fun, and some of us just try to pad out our extra-cirriculars for college. So let’s take a boys basketball team for example: who do each of the full-time 2024 Craftsman Truck Series drivers fit in?

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Ben Rhodes
99 Ben Rhodes (ThorSport) SENIOR. Starting center.  Star player, multiple time local paper’s “Player of the Week”, only one on the team with a scholarship to play the sport in college.

11 Corey Heim (Tricon) SOPHOMORE.  Starting point guard.  Youngest player in the starting lineup, has a bit of an attitude but can always back it up.

19 Christian Eckes (MHR) JUNIOR.  Starting small forward.  Earned starting spot last season, plays angry after the emcee says his name wrong in player intros.

9 Grant Enfinger (CR7) SENIOR.  Starting shooting guard.  Shifted to his new position for this season, refers to himself as “Champion” as a motivational tool, already taking classes at a local community college.

98 Ty Majeski (ThorSport) JUNIOR.  Starting power forward.  Biggest “gym rat” on the team, works constantly on his jump shot.

88 Matt Crafton (ThorSport) SENIOR.  Sixth man.  Can play any position but prefers to play forward, already considering a post-college job as a teacher/coach, only player on the team with a full beard.

2 Nick Sanchez (Rev) SOPHOMORE.  Reserve guard.  Shortest player on the team but can crossover almost anyone, nicknamed “Mad Dog”, JV coach nearly threw him off the team for fighting last year.

52 Stewart Friesen (HFR) SENIOR.  Backup center.  Far better known for his prowess on the football and baseball teams, jokes about lack of playing time, enters games by saying “Its time to get down and dirty”.

77 Chase Purdy (Spire) JUNIOR.  Reserve forward.  Likes to change up jersey numbers, has yet to score points in a varsity game.

18 Tyler Ankrum (MHR) JUNIOR.  Backup point guard.  Dad teaches at the school and is the local union rep, currently dating the foreign exchange student named Liuna.

38 Layne Riggs (Front Row) FRESHMAN.  Reserve swingman.  Youngest player on the varsity squad but comes in with lots of AAU success, dad was a decent player at the school 20 years ago.

25 Ty Dillon (RackleyWAR) SENIOR.  Backup center/forward.  Transferred into school a few weeks ago and barely made the team, great at making friends in new places, displaced the local newspaper editor’s nephew from the lineup.


Daniel Dye
43 Daniel Dye (MHR) SOPHOMORE.  Starting center.  Family is friends with the coach’s family, wears a jersey number that was previously retired by the school, very active in charitable efforts.

13 Jake Garcia (ThorSport) FRESHMAN.  Starting shooting guard.  Aiming for “Most Improved Player” award at the end of the season.

33 Lawless Alan (Reaume) FRESHMAN.  Starting small forward.  Just moved from a much larger school in the city, rumored to have a past behind him.

15 Tanner Gray (Tricon) & 17 Taylor Gray (Tricon) FRESHMEN.  “Time share” at point guard.  Fraternal twin brothers, seem to have been around the sport forever even though they’re just 14.

32 Bret Holmes (BHR) JUNIOR.  Power forward.  Oldest player on the JV squad, prefers to get playing time, already owns his own business he works on weekends.

46 Thad Moffitt (Faction46) FRESHMAN.  Sixth man.  Wildest hair on the squad, already has money invested in the stock market.

56 Timmy Hill (Hill) SOPHOMORE.  Backup center/forward.  “Does the most with the least”, “A real team player”, “Does the stuff that doesn’t show up in the box score”.

76 Spencer Boyd (FRE) SOPHOMORE.  Backup guard.  New kid, decent player but strangely seems to be obsessed with puns.

41 Bayley Currey (Niece) & 42 Matt Mills (Niece) SOPHOMORES.  Backup forwards.  Best friends, refer to each other as “the bench mafia”.

5 Dean Thompson (Tricon) SOPHOMORES.  Left bench.  May quit team by end of season. updated four times weekly

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