2024 Race Picks PREVIEW + Super Bowl Bingo: Uncle Max Returns!

Good news everyone—despite last year’s dull contest between Uncle Max and the Tarot card deck, Uncle Max is back again with a new competitor!  That’s right, my Uncle Max—assistant retail store manager, budding Nascar fan, and gambling enthusiast—will make his picks for all three national touring series races every weekend (with three separate picks for all Cup points races).  This year he’ll be going against the only thing with worse luck than that Tarot deck—the number thirteen.  That’s right—every week Uncle Max will pick against the previous race’s 13th place finisher, and we’ll get to see if bad luck continues, is refuted, or rubs off on the ol number thirteen.

Furthermore, although this has little to nothing to do with Nascar, here’s my annual Super Bowl commercial bingo cards.  The only rule is that you can only mark off one square per commercial (so if, say, there’s a black and white animated commercial, you can only mark off one or the other).  Play for a “cover all” and enjoy the game that’s the Daytona 500’s warm-up act!

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