Nascar’s Whiners Relieved by Introduction of Electric Prototype

This is a parody

The whiners of Nascar—one of the most-vocal segments of the sport’s fanbase—reacted in jubilation at yesterday’s introduction of a new electric race car prototype.

“It’s been so long since I had something new to complain about”, said Deon McEldowney of Greensboro, North Carolina.  “I mean of course I was online complaining about racing on the streets of Chicago—they have a crime problem there, you know—and not running at Rockingham, but that was so last year.  Now I have something new to give as a reason why I’ll stop watching Nascar in the near future.”

Nascar’s whiniest fans, who are typically found in the comments of public Facebook posts or Twitter/X threads, gladly changed over their usual griping to the new subject immediately upon the prototype’s introduction.

“Well it’s about time we got something new!” said Brooke Parsons of Spokane, Washington.  “I mean yeah it’s funny to mock Bubba Wallace and low tv ratings, but we needed something different, y’know?  And with this prototype being unveiled, it’s time to blame it for everything wrong with the sport.  Fans, start your whinging!”

Despite the prototype being just that—a prototype—and no concrete plans being in place for its future use, whiny fans are using it as a chance to finally refresh their long list of complaints with the sport.

“I know they said that Nascar Cup will always use internal combustion engines, but come on—this is a great chance to grumble about something new!” said one fan known only as “DeeSuper” in a comment on a message board.  “Now we have something else to blame the death of Nascar on—Jeff Gordon’s dominance, Winston leaving, too many tv commercials, too many races on cable, too many races on streaming services, not racing at North Wilkesboro, racing the All-Star race at North Wilkesboro and it being boring, and the electric car!  This is a new golden age for those of us who think Nascar’s golden age ended in 2001.” updated four times weekly

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