Spade Racing Opens a Box of 2023 Panini Chronicles Cards, Pack 11 of 12

PACK 11: An Autograph (Nice), Bubba Twice, and the Coliseum will Suffice

FIRST LOOK: Here’s our third autograph of this box, and it’s of Trucks & Xfinity mainstay Brett Moffit.  I’m hoping he eventually gets a decent shot in a Cup car, and not with some obscure backmarker team with a name like “Velocity Force Motorsports” or “Mach III Ventures” or “Rick Ware Racing”.

TO THE BACK: Double your Bubba, double your fun!  But these are pretty banal facts, aren’t they?

SAY WHAT?: “I don’t get why we’re racing inside a stadium either, but at least it’s nicer than Rockingham looks now.

RATING: 5 souvenir pieces of sheet metal out of 10. updated four times weekly

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